2022 is to Boost up Your Website Traffic with Best Strategies & SEO Services in India

Without SEO your website is like a mummy buried on the last page of SERP. It needs to be on the first page for attracting relevant visitors. SEO is just like a driver who is paid more for driving more traffic to your website. It's possible with the best SEO company in India.

Understanding SEO

Take a moment and think how did Google or Bing know who is the owner of Tesla, or who was the first man to land on the moon. Do you have an answer? Well, it’s one of the shades of SEO that makes it happen. Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays an essential role in ranking your website on the top of SERP.

But doing SEO isn’t a child’s play. It needs years of experience to be a pro in SEO strategies. And that’s why you need to consult an SEO agency in India for your UAE-based business. They do everything that’s possible to increase your website’s ranking, be it a SWOT analysis of your online presence or a strategic plan to shoot up your website’s popularity on search results. Indeed, they deal with every SEO challenge to encourage your online visibility.

What stops your website to be on the #1 page?

Consider a situation where you need to order a leather jacket online. What do you usually do? You will look for it on the search engine and visit the site that will appear on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Would you like to explore the alternative websites that sell leather jackets beyond the 5th page of SERP? Sounds boring. Right? It’s human nature and your target customers feel the same. So, if you can’t make it to the first 5 pages of search results, you lose out on customers, traffic, and conversion. And your website is useless without solving this purpose. Here is where SEO helps. It’s the only solution to make your buried website alive.

How can you get our SEO Services?

Take a chill pill. We aren't on the moon. You don’t have to get a rocket to reach us. But before that, you need to analyze where you stand and pick a plan accordingly.

  • Understanding the USPs of the business that makes it stand out from the competitors

  • Planning and auditing the entire website structure from a technical, on-site and off-site perspective

  • Choosing the lightweight and user-friendly website themes for ensuring better loading time

  • Researching on the opportunity keywords that connect with the target audiences

  • Accessing the competitor’s keywords and their performance on SERP

  • Making accounts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc

  • Establishing a Youtube channel for driving relevant traffic to the website

  • Implementing technical updates as per the latest Google algorithm

  • Creating a content calendar for the publishing of relevant blogs

  • Building backlinks for enhancing the site’s credibility and creating a link juice

  • Restrategizing the sales & renewing the website structure

  • Exploring new keywords during content optimization

  • Finding related blog topics for the newly explored keywords

  • Changing meta descriptions and meta titles

  • Rewriting the existing URLs with user-friendly URLs

  • Monitoring the web traffic for both referral and organic leads

  • Preparing a content calendar for executing the SEO strategies

  • Fixing broken backlinks regularly: monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis

  • Reviewing the XML Sitemap & Robots.txt files manually

  • Performing UX & responsive checks

Technologies Which Our SEO Services In India Use

SEO without the SEO tools is just like a car without steering control. Our SEO company in India ensure that they aren’t missing out on even a single tool while planning an SEO strategy for your website. We stay tuned with the latest technologies for enabling a perfect SEO plan as per your business needs.


For opening Site Explorer, Keyword competition analysis, and knowing Google updates.


Keep an eye on your competitors with this effective spying tool.


To create backlinks for enhancing the website’s credibility and link juice.


For detecting unnatural links and removing them to improve the spam score.

Keyword Planner

To explore the keywords that have an opportunity for higher ranking.


For avoiding grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the website content.


To verify your website doesn’t have plagiarized content.


For reviewing the performance of the website on search engines by fixing bugs.

SEO Reporting

Keeping a track of the SEO campaigns we are running is something we can’t afford to avoid. It helps us to analyze the applied strategy for motivating us to perform better in future. Page views No.of.visits unique Visits Return Visits A.T.on site Bounce Rate Blog Comments No.of.Social Share Inbound Links Competitive Power S .R
17 4 16 15 10 18 24 23 75 73 80
12 2 14 9 17 23 74 55 40 39 60
12% 2% 14% 9% 17% 23% 74% 55% 40% 35% 60%


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a step-by-step process of letting your website rank higher on search engine results. It works according to the latest search engine algorithm and needs a strategic plan for performing its magic.

SEO is important for business as it helps in increasing the engagement, traffic and conversions on your business website. It also enhances your business’s credibility and creates brand awareness.

If you wish to do SEO for Youtube, then you need to create a Youtube channel first. After that, you must choose the relevant topics for the video, add transcriptions, use appropriate keywords in the description along with website links, and much more strategies for doing SEO for the Youtube channel.

Nothing is free in this world. Even you must hire an SEO company for your business needs. When you consult an SEO company, you get guidance from SEO experts who help you in getting the right tips for standing out over the web.

SEO plays an essential role in improving your website’s rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). As a result, you get relevant leads or traffic to your website with increased sales and revenues.

When SEO is ineffective, you lose your website’s ranking on SERP. Due to it, your website loses its credibility amongst the current and potential customers.

SEO algorithm works as per the latest updates of the search engines. The search engine (Google or Bing) crawls the web and gathers information from billions of web pages. Then, it indexes the web pages according to the relevancy of the searched keywords.

There are ample SEO best practices that make you unique and allow you to rank higher on SERP. These practices include: relevant keywords research, publishing long-form content, writing plagiarism-free content, optimizing meta titles and descriptions, etc.

The cost of SEO depends on your business website’s needs. It might vary from website to website and usually be between 1000 AED to 30000 AED per month.

When you are looking for an SEO company in India, make sure that the SEO-savvy professional working there has some case studies to show about their successful SEO strategies. Besides that, they must have SEO-plan options according to your budget and business needs. Lastly, you need to ensure that they are avoiding fake promises.