Intensify Your Business With Integrated Digital Marketing Planning In India

Incorporating digital marketing services into your business without clear planning is pointless. You’re just killing time if you can’t completely understand the dynamics of the online marketplace, be it related to consumer psychology, competitors or customer profiles. Here is where the need for hiring the top digital marketing company in India comes to roleplay. An integrated approach lets you target your audiences across various online channels systematically.

Is Your Digital Marketing Campaign Giving An Impeccable ROI?

Running a digital marketing campaign isn’t all that you need for relevant clicks. Any amateur marketer can do it. In the end, it’s the impeccable ROI of a marketing campaign that makes sense. We are amongst the top Digital marketing companies in India that help you check your campaign performance.

A One-Stop Solution For All Your Digital Marketing Needs

There’s something unique in our digital marketing and IT solutions that have been attracting businesses and brands for availing our services. Here is why we stand out of the crowd amongst digital marketing & web app development companies in UAE.

Social Media Management

Build your social presence across various social networks with strategy planning, campaign and community management, engaging content, etc.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

For relevant clicks that drive leads and sales through ads on various platforms including, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Website Development

Give an eye-pleasing look to your website without ever compromising on user experience and it could be any platform, WordPress, Shopify, PHP, or whatnot.


Be on Top of SERP for attracting the right traffic to your website with on-page, off-page, and technical SEO techniques.

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The most important elements of an integrated digital marketing framework include the services like website development, Pay per click (PPC), social media management, and SEO.

Charge by click is just like a pay-per-click campaign where the advertiser is charged when someone clicks on the ad. Whereas charge by impression evolves around the concept where the advertiser requires to pay $10 for every 1000 times their ad appears on the website.

Keywords play a major role in contextual campaigns and integrated digital marketing. Whenever a digital marketing company offer them as part of the managed solution, keyword lists are the topmost thing that they often recommend. In best practices, the list includes around 15-20 keywords. However, there isn’t any cap. Split your list between broad and specific keywords to ensure optimal targeting performance.

You can effortlessly analyse what happens with the “bot” traffic in your digital campaign through an integrated web analytics tool. It can be Google Analytics or Heap.

Retargeting plays an essential role in achieving higher ROI in integrated digital marketing campaigns. It reminds your website visitors to buy a product or service if they leave the website without a purchase.

CTR or click-through rate means the number of clicks your website receives per number of times ads are displayed on your website. The formula for determining the CTR is clicks divided by the number of impressions. For instance, if you had 9 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR will be 9%.

With Integrated digital marketing solutions in India, businesses can increase their leads and sales besides saving a lot of cost.

There are several factors or variables that impact the CTR and the entire campaign performance, such as Ad size, appropriate messages and CTA, ad frequency, etc.

The best strategy in Integrated DM solutions is to identify your customers, select your marketing channel, generate content ideas, publish content by keeping a track of it, and much more.

Yes, you can customise your Integrated DM packages as per your business requirements and budget.

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