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Mobile apps are a perfect step for making your business smooth. Android or iOS apps give an easy-to-access platform to everyone, be it your internal team or clients. So, don’t be an old-school person in this innovative world. Allow us to help you manage your business through mobile apps. We are a world-class mobile app development company in India with tech-savvy professionals.


Why Mobile Apps?

In the present scenarios, mobile apps aren’t just a boon for businesses, but also add essence to our daily lives. They encourage phenomenal customer experiences in every industry, be it IT, Healthcare, Real Estate, Ed-tech, or whatnot. At Mighty Warner, we understand your requirements and offer you the best mobile app development services & app store optimization in India.

Technologies We Rule

Our tech-savvy professionals use the best programming languages and content management systems to make your website user-friendly. We encourage an interactive website structure for attracting visitors, driving leads and sales.


Built your cross-platform mobile applications with an open-source framework.


To create eye-pleasing, efficiently compiled, multi-platform apps from a single codebase.


An expressive and concise language designed for combining object-oriented and functional programming features.


Integrate modern approach to your iOS application for executing swift code to your iOS device.

React Native

For the effortless integration of React icons to your apps by utilizing ES6 imports.


A Javascript codebase for altering CSS and HTML, validating, manipulating and calculating data.

Did You Know?

A Perfect App Isn’t About Complicated User Experiences!

The purpose of an app is to serve impeccable user experiences even to non-technical users. It isn’t about a complicated structure using which is rocket science. So, whenever you look for an app development company in India, don’t get trapped in the graphically-pleasing app they serve. Instead, go for user-friendly app designs.

Here is where the app developers at Mighty Warner stand out from other app development companies in UAE. Besides focussing on the app designs, we never miss out on even a single code that makes your app 100% accessible. Our team has expertise in almost all the app development technologies, be it Ionic, Flutter, JS, Reach, or whatnot.

Our Process

Our professional app developers use a 5-stages plan while designing a user-friendly app as per your business requirements. We ensure to maintain perfection in every stage, be it creating UI/UX design, App Testing, or whatnot.


In the beginning, we sit back and understand your business needs before creating an app development strategy.

UI/UX Design

Once we have a rough plan, we create an application prototype or wireframe that depicts its overall look and navigations.


After analysing the UI/UX design, our tech-savvy app developers start applying various technologies like Ionic, Flutter, React, JS, etc.

Flight Testing

The most crucial stage starts when have to test whether our applied codes actually lead to a responsive app design or not.


After resolving the bugs to the test app, we finally launch it online.


Mighty Warners is one of the best mobile app development companies in the UAE. Although there are much more app development companies too, what makes us different is our easy-to-use app designs.

The cost of developing an application in the UAE can begin from approximately AED 35000. Its price might increase with advancements in the app’s functionalities.

It might take a minimum of 15 days for developing an interactive application. However, it may take longer depending on the complexity of your application.

When it comes to developing a mobile application, its developers need to be experts in product management, UI/UX designing, QA/performance testing, clean coding, data management, etc. We, at Mighty Warner, have them all.

In order to build an effective app, you need an expert team of android or iOS developers, UI/UX designers, and QA experts.

An app with 1 million downloads can make up to AED 1,83,650 on app stores like Google Play.

Each of our app developers have years of experience in developing apps. And the good thing is they always stay tuned with the latest technologies.

Our developers use the TestFlight SDK that helps you to test your application. In the case of an android app, we send an e-mail link for downloading the test app. And for the iOS app, we send a provisional version through your UDID.

In order to guarantee app approval in the app store, we follow all the app-based guidelines by Apple Inc. We do all this right from the initial stages. Therefore, it becomes easy to gain approval.

Yes, you can do that. We provide you with all the cPanel credentials of your app and you can update content whenever you need it.

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