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Staffing solutions can be a headache for organisations when they have to be done on an urgent basis. In general, staffing solutions refer to the procedure of finding and hiring an idle candidate to fill vacancies in an organisation. This process can be done through various methods, like screening, interviewing, or recruiting. Staffing solutions can also have different types, like contingent staffing, direct hire staffing, and many more. 

In this article, we are going to cover every detail of these staffing processes and how we are providing the best staffing services to our clients over time.

Deep Into Contingent Staffing Solutions and Many More 

Staffing solutions can be classically divided into four categories: 

  1. Contingent staffing solutions 
  2. Direct hire staffing
  3. SoW
  4. Industry expertise

Now let’s just take a look at each of these in a full-fledged mode. 

  • Contingent Staffing Solution: 

Contingent Staffing Solution is the newest and smartest staffing solution to fulfil a requirement when needed. You can define this as a quick and effective solution to hire workers for a particular time or project. In this process, the authority does not hire their employees full-time. There should be a contract between the employer and the employee in which it is clearly stated that the authority is not hiring the employee for full-time service. The worker or contractor is being hired for a certain time or a project.

Through this process, an employer can find experts in the required field. The process takes less time than full-time employment and is easy to execute on the field. Less makes this process easy and approachable. Finding the perfect candidate with the desired skills and experience is easier with this technique. As a plus, you can save some of your money using this technique. There is no need to pay taxes or remuneration for the employee.

  • Direct Hire Staffing: 

In an easy and understandable language, direct hire staffing means full-time employment in an organisation. In this staffing system, a staffing agency or organisation finds and hires eligible candidates as full-time employees on behalf of the employer. In this scenario, employees get every benefit, including security and remuneration from the employer. There are mediators or consulting agencies that work as middlemen to find perfect candidates for an employer. 

Why do companies prefer direct hiring?

Companies use the direct staffing solution technique to hire employees. Their own human resources department or staffing agency does this job for them. But there are some prominent reasons for choosing full-time employment.

  • A full-time employee commits a long time of hard work and enthusiasm for the company. They often feel more loyal in this scene.
  • There might be a unique role that will require some special skills to fill. Direct-hire staffing generally seems to be the best and most eligible in this scene.
  • Companies open executive and upper positions using this staffing solution system. This is a better way to attract better talents. People generally prefer to leave their current position when they observe better security and loyalty in another position. 

These are some basic but effective reasons to choose direct-hire staffing over any other technique. 

  • Industry Expertise Services: 

Industry expertise is not about hiring anyone for a company. Expertise is such a subject that it can be way more expensive than anything else. This service includes expertise like the relationship between the company and the customers, correct information about clients’ needs or expectations, competitors’ capabilities, the marketing strategy they are using, etc.

However, it can be classified into four categories:

  1. Foundational: 

Foundational expertise refers to entry-level knowledge about the industry. This is a result of internal curiosity or a willingness to know more about that particular field of a person. There is minimal technical knowledge during this period. 

  1. Intermediate: 

At this point, you will be skilled enough to judge a market based on technical data analysis. A person should know every crucial aspect of the market. You know every market competitor and their mindset to make their business successful. 

  1. Seasoned: 

Seasoned industry experts may tell you about all the industry events and effects of distinct changes. They might gather knowledge through conferences and assessments of publications. 

  1. Advanced Industry Experts:

Advanced industry experts are the most skilled and top-notch experts related to a company’s success. 

  • Statement of Work: 

Whenever a company is outsourcing to another company for a particular project, they develop a contract regarding every detail of the project. That contract will include details like duration, deliverables, and expectations. This is the basic definition of a Statement of Work (SoW). This legal, binding document was developed by both parties. Any of the project details should not be missed in this statement of work. 

One of the first papers you’ll create to outline the project’s overall scope is the statement of work (SOW), which is prepared before a project plan is made and carried out. Writing one can be intimidating because of the extensive quantity of detail needed. Let’s divide it into easier-to-understand sections. Compared to your job estimate, which is a more straightforward document that lists the tasks that will be completed and the related expenses, your statement of work will have far more specific information.


These are some of the most active staffing solutions that work in the market. They are all crucial to a company’s success in different aspects. Mighty Warner is serving the market with all of these staffing solutions. We always take a step forward when it comes to supplying manpower in urgent situations. 

We are warmly welcoming you to do business with us. Our expertise will make a faster approach to your success. For further details and any kind of inquiry,

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